Your Physical Space Can Amplify Your Emotions

The Motivation Manifesto

I just returned from the Greek Islands and while there I read a book by best selling Author, Brendon Burchard. It’s called the Motivation Manifesto.  It’s such a fantastic book about how to stay motivated and live your BEST LIFE!  I gained a lot of insight and inspiration from this book but there is one particular reading that I felt a need to share.

In chapter 3, On Motivation, he writes, “Let us be more disciplined in shaping our physical environment to amplify our emotions.  We should love the space we spend our time in, and if we do not, we should make immediate changes.  Walking into our homes should bring peace and the ability to rejuvenate.  We should have plenty of light and a place where we cannot be disturbed so that we can reflect, think, plan and make art.  We should feel comfortable where we sleep and where we think.  Our workspaces should inspire us.  And we should have a ready contact list of other driven people to call upon when we need new inspiration.  If we do not, again, we must make immediate changes to find and cultivate such relationships.  If we lack a supportive place to live and work, or a positive peer group, let it be our mission to manifest those things in our life.  Our environment matters and so we shall shape it to lift us into the next realm of motivation and joy.”

I couldn’t agree more Brendon Burchard! It’s a great book friends. Click this link to order:  The Motivation Manifesto  You will be glad you did. 🙂




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