The Best of Las Vegas Market

Going to market for a Designer is like going to Disneyland for a child.  There is so much new, exciting and innovative product out there, I have to admit, I feel a bit like a kid in a candy store!  Over a four day adventure, I worked my way through three large buildings and countless floors showcasing all the latest and greatest in home furnishings.  My inspiration banks are running over and I have gained access to numerous top notch vendors.  These new vendors will allow me to continue to provide my clients with the best and most unique products out there.  The following are just a few of the stand outs:

Bella LunaBella Luna

This line is very hard to categorize.  One of the partners of this company is French and the other is Cuban, so their combined design aesthetic brings together this sort of mechanical vibe meets delicate and embellished.  The lighting was extraordinary and unique! Their art was also like nothing I had ever seen before.

Freizy RugsFeizy Rugs

Big, bold, graphic pattern rugs were HUGE at market this year.  Traditional rugs definitely took a back seat.  I especially loved Freizy’s line of Tie-Dyed Area Rugs.  They looked like water color paintings and the textural variation of the rugs was divine.

Noir FurnitureNoir Furniture

I have specified this line before but it was awesome to see their new products.  Noir Furniture is definitely on top of the trend that showcases lighter wood tones and very stripped down, natural finishes.  Across the board, this look was hot at market this year!


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