Featured Project
Who was the client and what was their lifestyle like?

This home was designed for a dynamic, young family that includes a husband, wife and four young boys.  As you can see, the lady of the house has a love for full-on-glamour!


What were the desired results?

The desired results were elegance mixed with a splash of fun inspired by old Hollywood Glam.


And the results are in!

Client Houzz Review:

Rejoy Interior is HIGHLY recommended in our books!!

We first met with Rejoy in the beginning of 2015 to only remodel our master bedroom/bathroom, the downstairs restroom, and my son’s room. But after we started with her, it became the entire house remodel!! Every single room got touched. We’ve never hired a full on interior designer before, so we weren’t sure what to expect. The results were BEYOND our expectations!! I will have to say of course there were times I might have second guessed Rejoy, or we weren’t too sure about what she was recommending, but we hired a professional for a reason, so we had to trust in her. We are glad we trusted in her knowledge and experience, because the final results were breathtaking. My entire family is in LOVE with every single thing in our household. The kids are enjoying the house, as well as my husband and I.

Rejoy and I were able to work together very well. Rejoy and her staff are fast to respond, and always on top of everything. I Loved working with her. We had so much fun picking things out, and she totally got my style and the look that we were going for.

In the end, our house is beyond amazing. We feel like we’re living in a 5 star resort hotel everyday now at our house!! Thank you Thank you for everything Rejoy!! I’m so glad we picked you. Can’t wait until our next project together! 🙂