Featured Project
Who was the client and what was their lifestyle like?

This client is an extremely talented writer, photographer, mother and wife. She greatly appreciates artistry and she allowed Rejoy Interiors creative liberty to design several award winning spaces.


What were the desired results?

This space was designed around a piece of art the client purchased from an Aboriginal woman in her home country of Australia.  Our desire was to create a reading nook for the children that would spark imagination and remind them of their special adventures in Australia.

*See inspirational art piece below.


And the results are in!

American Society of Interior Design
Orange County
Gold Award for Special Spaces Design


“Whatever level of need you have, Rejoy and her team are there for you, listening and learning about you, striving to know you and hear your voice, and then delivering a product that you’ll love, and do so on time.  I’ve personally given Rejoy and her team some hefty demands, with time limits, and they have delivered consistently–working around me and my unruly schedule (with a demanding and client orientated home business to tip toe around) from total remodels, additions or preparing for a business based party or holiday season.  A truly professional and dedicated team. I can happily say that I’ve seen my home featured in magazines, with prize-winning spaces, thanks to Rejoy Interiors.  The level of attention to detail and quality is that high.”
Sonya V.