Pantone Color of the Year

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Pantone has announced Serenity 15-3919 and Rose Quartz 13-1520 as the PANTONE Color of the Year for 2016.  It is the first time the company has selected two different colors to represent its Color of the Year.

This selection speaks volumes about what our collective consciousness is desiring.  We live in a world constantly bombarding us with information and visual noise. We are seeing a cultural shift toward welcoming colors that psychologically fill our yearning for peace, softness and tranquility.

Pantone Colors 2016

History shows the Color of the Year will be used widely, especially in fashion and home decor. If you are considering introducing these colors into your living environment, I recommend adding a touch of black to ground your space and a touch of white to add to the freshness of these colors.


Serenity and Rose Quartz


Lighten up, brighten up and live beautifully!

R~ Xo



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