Meet Rejoy

Rejoy Interiors Inc., led by Rejoy Marsella, is a premier design firm with a profound grasp on the value of design today. Known for her refined ability to listen, Rejoy’s true talent is combining strong design principles and style to create spaces that celebrate the unique story of your life. We create spaces that speak to you on a personal level because your voice has been heard, and interpreted, from an intimate understanding of your personal tastes, for the most personal of spaces. Your voice is always the project’s strongest voice, respectfully and artfully translated in to a home you dared only imagine.

Rejoy Interiors philosophy defines luxury design as that deeper level of comfort that can only come from a design firm devoted to creating spaces that emotionally connect with their clients.

Recognized by her peers, Rejoy has been awarded the ASID/Orange County Home Platinum Award for excellence for both Bedroom Design and Bathroom Design and was the Premier Designer for two years running on the nationally televised TV series “Merge with Lisa Rinna.”


Q&A with Rejoy

In five words your work is….

Joyful, Clean, Elegant, Authentic and Luxurious

Every room needs…

an expressive piece of your life’s story, for example, a keepsake from a special travel excursion or a photograph of your loved ones.

Working with an Interior Designer…

should make the process of creating a home enjoyable! We uncomplicate the process by creating a master vision based on your desire for beauty, lifestyle and functionality. As a result, all decisions can be confidently made with that end result in mind.

Your signature style is…

an artful expression of the clients I am creating for. I have worked on various projects including traditional, transitional and contemporary. You will find my body of work varies a great deal and I intentionally don’t have a “signature look.” My ultimate goal is to create spaces that capture the vibe and essence of my clients. Honestly, the greatest compliment I’ve heard over and over again is, “My home is SO me now!”

Every project I take on…

is approached with gratitude and the excitement that comes with the opportunity to create something new and extraordinary!

Can’t live without…

jumping on a plane to travel to far off destinations

Can’t live with…

bad lighting

Successful Design…

requires the ability to be a very good listener. Not just to what people say, but their body language too. If I’m doing a presentation and the client says, “Sure, that will work,” but their body language says, “I’m not sure I love it,” then I know we haven’t landed on the perfect solution yet. I’m always going for the ultimate result and I know I have arrived there when my client lights up like a Christmas tree.

In the end, it’s all about…

extraordinary experiences. Creating a home that you enjoy living in nurtures your soul by providing pleasure, peace and enjoyment.  I see my work transform lives and take experiencing home, family and entertaining to an elevated level.  That’s what it’s all about….extraordinary experiences.