International Day of Happiness


Come join us as we celebrate the International Day of Happienss at LGOCA in beautiful Laguna Beach!  Share what you do to spread happiness on their Acts of Happiness walls around the country (and online).  Acts of Happiness is a campaign to gather stories, images, and share inspiration about how people are making the world around them happier. Everyone is invited to pledge/engage in making their community happier and to post their “happy acts” on the wall located at LGOCA or the virtual wall located online at

About the International Day of Happiness

The growing global interest in happiness has not gone unnoticed by world leaders. The first World Happiness Report, commissioned by the United Nations and released in 2012, found that:

  • Strong social support systems, lack of corruption and personal freedom are more important than income to a person’s happiness.
  • In order to be happy, people must feel secure, behave well and have stable personal relationships.
  • Surprisingly, happiness does not increase as standards of living rise, proving the old adage true:  money doesn’t buy happiness.small acts

Recognizing the importance of happiness as part of the human condition and the key to a more inclusive, balanced approach to economic growth, the General Assembly of the UN declared March 20 the International Day of Happiness. 2013 saw the first International Day of Happiness. People around the world celebrated in ways big and small, from a free hugs flash mob in Washington D.C. to the Economics of Happiness conference in Australia.


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