Favorite Apps for Business in 2014

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With so many apps available these days it’s hard to know which ones are worth the download. We’ve recently added new productivity apps that have already proven themselves well worth the small monthly fees.


Google Drive

Google Drive

About halfway through last year we switched to Google Apps for Business. We are still discovering all the wonderful tools that are now at our disposal but our favorite is Google Drive. Drive gives us easy access to company files and client photos wherever we are. And it’s so easy we can now keep our whole team on top of the latest design updates.

Extra Bonus: You no longer have to worry about mixing our personal and business files or settings that make it difficult to keep your personal images private.




Notes are critical in design to ensure no detail is overlooked. Evernote allows us to store notes in individual client “Notebooks” and share them with our team instantly. No more digging through spiral notebooks looking for a little side note. Now we can search. No more hours wasted transcribing hand-written notes into text. Now we can share a Design Analysis with our clients via email as soon as the appointment is over.

Complementary App: Evernote’s Skitch lets you sketch notes right on pictures. Great for communicating your ideas clearly and easily.


Google Hangouts

Google Hangout

Thanks to technology the world is shrinking more and more everyday. Google Hangout is a great tool for video conferencing with clients out of state. We can share screens to give guided presentations and see their reactions in real-time. And the best part… it’s completely free! All you need are two Google+ accounts. We even use the text messaging feature to ping each other at the office.

Hint: Works best in a Chrome browser. Try it with friends or family and check out the games and effects you can add to your video call.

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