What is the benefit of hiring you to be my designer?

We partner with you to ensure all opportunities to improve your home have been explored and well thought out. We bring creativity and professional guidance to what can otherwise be an extremely daunting task. My clients generally have very full, busy lives, and they appreciate knowing that one of their largest and most valuable investments is in the hands of a qualified professional. My primary goal is to create environments that truly echo the essence of the individuals who live in those spaces.

How do I know my home will look and feel like me if some one else is doing it?

I take a genuine interest in who you are and how you want your “vibe” reflected in your home. Seeking out beautiful items that captures my client’s essence is what drives me, inspires me, and keeps me excited about what I do every day. I take the time to get to know all my clients on a very personal level. I want to know what makes you feel happy, relaxed, and mostly importantly, at home.

How can you help me with my remodel project?

We can expertly guide you from concept through installation. Click on this link to download a PDF on the specifics of our remodel process _________________.

I am building a new home. How can you help?

A custom home is not only a sizable monetary investment; it is an investment in the quality of your life! Critical decisions are being made in the planning phase, long before construction even starts. We can partner with your architect and builder to ensure a seamless progression from initial design, though construction, to the final furnishings installation.
Without a design professional to help guide the way, all those new home decisions can seem monumentally overwhelming. We take the stress out of decision making, helping you pinpoint exactly what will make your home speak to you personally, so that you can sit back and enjoy the phenomenal excitement of building a home specifically to your style and taste.

Is it going to be more costly to hire a designer?

We save our client’s money by preventing them from making costly mistakes. I once had a client who considered hiring me but decided she would venture out on her own. She purchased a very large sectional for her family room only to be disappointed when it arrived. She thought the fabric was brown but it was actually a purple/brown. She decided to hire me after that purchase to ensure she wouldn’t make any more costly mistakes. Making the right decision from the very beginning ensures a more budget friendly outcome.

Are you reliable and timely? What is the level of professionalism I can expect?

I consider it a great privilege to be invited in to someone’s personal space and to be trusted with the intimate task of making their house a home. I honor that privilege by respecting my client’s time and their investment into my services. I was taught as a young girl to treat others as you would want to be treated yourself. I think that principal applies in business as well as life. You can expect reliability, efficiency, and integrity, when working with us.