I love doing Interior Design for my clients because great design changes lives.  I watch their energy shift from boredom and stagnation,  to pure joy!  There is something very powerful about living in an environment that functions well, allows you to EXPRESS YOUR VIBE and tells the unique story of your life.

Master Bedroom B&A


When I met Christie Vu, right off the bat I picked up on her charming, Glam-Girl Vibe.  She was pregnant with her fourth boy, she is married and runs an engineering company mostly comprised of men.  Although she may be living in a “mans world” she is not interested in forgoing her powerful femininity.  She loves black, white, gray, hot pink and crystals.  She is all about contemporary glamour!  Above is one of the many spaces I designed for her and she LOVED it!  To see the reveal video of this space, visit Rejoy Interiors on Facebook and scroll to AUGUST 18th.

August 18th will forever be a celebrated day in the Vu household because on this special day; a child was born.  At 12:29 a.m. little Ryan arrived.  Welcome to planet earth little guy!  I hope your journey is filled with beauty and tons of LOVE! Enjoy your nursery Mom and I created for you. Xo R~

Babies Room




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