Design a JOY filled life!

Over the years it has become abundantly clear to me that my work is not about designing and curating beautiful furnishings and art, it’s about designing a JOY filled life for my clients!  I have witnessed a mature Professor of Neurobiology transform into a child-like girl with pure elation about her newly remodeled Master Bathroom. I have watched a stoic business executive light up like a Christmas tree when he saw the results of his new bachelor pad.  I have watched children come running into their newly designed spaces like Santa just delivered the all time BEST gift EVER!

If I am going to fulfill my life’s mission of delivering joy to others, I have to create it for myself first.  It’s so easy as grown-ups to forget we were born to laugh, smile and play.  Today and everyday, I wish you moments filled with the joy of a child! Xo  R~


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