The most common question I get as a designer is, “What is your own personal style?”  I think I get that question so often because people look at my work and notice that it varies so much.  There are commonalities like clean, elegant, and uncluttered but other than that my work is really an artful expression of the unique individuals I design for.

Rejoy Marsella Working

Before you start your design project you must first have a clear understanding of who you are and what makes you feel peaceful, beautiful and authentically you.  If you need help defining your style, look in your closet.  What is your favorite piece of clothing to wear? What color is it? Is the vibe Anthropology or Chanel?

Organic Contemporary Living Room

Growing up, I spent the first five years of my life running around my grandparents farm in Northwestern New Mexico.  It was paradise as a child. I grew to have an intense love for nature and the environment.  During my college years I moved to Orange County where my life went from blue jeans and back roads to heigh heels and haute couture.   Those two parts of who I am have merged and I consider myself a Glam-Hippie.  So what does a Glam-Hippie design for herself?  I like to call it Organic Contemporary.  It’s 50% inspired by natue and 50% glam.

Gold and Grey Master Bedroom

“Define who you are and what makes you feel authentically YOU.  You can do that by taking note of when you feel your best and most comfortable….then surround yourself with more of THAT!”  🙂 R~

For more images of this project check out the Organic Contemporary project on the Portfolio page.

If you are interested in finding out how you can create your own Organic Contemporary home, give us a call! We can help!





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